Wednesday, June 30, 2010


On 23 June 2010, an old lady left her home abruptly, without telling anyone. She did not leave even a note or any other clue as to where she was going. She had simply removed her ornaments and kept them on a table. When she did not return after several hours, the relatives got panicky and tried to contact their other relatives and friends regarding the old lady’s whereabouts. No one knew where she had gone. Finally, the lady’s granddaughter, Suma, who was a student of Rajesh, suggested that they should seek Rajesh’s help in this matter. Suma’s mother and some other relatives came to the Sai temple at Mallasandra and asked Rajesh. He prayed Sai and requested that the old lady’s whereabouts be made known. Baba told him that there was nothing to worry, as the lady is at the temple of Sri Siddalingeshwara near Yedur, 50 kms from Tumkur and very near Kunigal. Baba advised that the relatives should go there and find her there.

That evening Rajesh got a call from the relatives that they had gone to Yedur and true to Baba’s words, found her there. The old lady was hale and healthy, and the relatives further added that they would be coming to Mallasandra with the old lady for Puja next day. Even in 21st century, Baba comes to the rescue of his devotees. We have only to seek him, he is always with us.


  1. i have been to mallasandra many times as its ma mom's home-place and rajesh mama is my relative. And the temple is all true.

  2. Thnx Shilpa for visiting the site!! In fact, I would love to meet you in person during 04 July 2011 and 30 July 2011 when I will be in Bangalore. And one of those days, I would certainly visit Mallasandra. Sri Rajesh has my mobile number.

  3. hey shilpa thnx for following site infomation.its really a truely works.even i luv the temple n its so pleasin over was really glad to c the story on net.

  4. Great experiences . Would Like to talk to Rajesh Garu.

    Jai Sai